Encompassing the ancestors and
descendants of the Banner family of
Delaware county, NY and those of
Grace Russell, wife of Charles Ferris
Banner of Tully, NY.

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"It's a poor family that has neither whore nor thief in it..."


Welcome to Banner's Beanery! What's a beanery? Its a cheap restaurant by definition but to me it became that place where you could sit, relax and stay awhile with family and friends. My Aunt Joan always answered the phone with the salutation, "Banner's Beanery!" So come in and stay awhile.

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Phyllis Arlene (Wrightman) Phillips
Phyllis Arlene (Wrightman) Phillips
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    If you have any questions, comments or would like to share research, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.



What's New:

July 23, 2014:

The Fabius Historical Society

   On Monday, Aug 4th at 7PM, the Fabius Historical Society will meet at the Fabius Community Center (7786 Main St., Rt.80). Helen DeHaan will provide first-hand knowledge concerning the Cortland King's Daughters Children's Home. Former Fabius residents, Clarence and Hazel Banner, ran the home for many years. Free and open to the public. Refreshments will follow the program.
   Helen visited the Tully Area Historical Society about year ago looking for some information and I had the great joy of meeting with her. She had recently had a reunion of many of the home's residents and had accumulated a treasure trove of pictures, memories and information from them about their life there. Included were remembrances of Clarence and Hazel. I was overwhelmed by all the work she had done. You won't be disappointed.

Mar 23, 2014:

Betty's 2013 "In a Nutshell" is Here

   Betty just finished her year in review newsletter for 2013 & early 2014. She gives an annual review of what has happened in the Frank & Betty Banner family over the course of the previous year. It's a great read and includes several new pictures of the family. Login to see all her previous newsletters and the most recent one HERE.


Jan 22, 2014:

   It's been a long time since I've edited the front page of the Banner Family website and I apologize for that. 2013 has been a year of both loss and gain for us as you can see in the "Latest News" column.
   I have not worked on the Banner genealogy since last spring as I've been doing research for a couple of unrelated people. Sometimes you have more luck if you leave "the family" alone for awhile. The hope being that when you return back to them that it will be with new enthusiasm.
   In the spring of 2013, I took a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. It's the largest family history library in the world (compliments of the Church of Latter-day Saints). I was well-prepared and had created research sheets and a list of my most troublesome brick walls. I was able to successfully break thru 2 out of the 10 walls I had and I thought that was pretty good. Both of them were on the Russell side of the family. There is nothing better than that "eureka moment" when you've been stumped for so long.
   Drop me a line with news you might have. Everything counts.


Latest News

5 Jul 2020 - It is with the greatest sorrow that word has come that Betty Louise (Fuller) Banner has died. She was a friend to me and without her, there would have been a big hole in this website. She was a wonder and will be greatly missed by all who knew her. She died peacefully on Jun 17th surrounded by her daughters. You can read her obituary HERE. Her page on our website may be accessed HERE.
Betty (Fuller) Banner, 2006 Betty (Fuller) Banner
d. 17 Jun 2020
9 Aug 2018 - Berte (Banner) Olsen sends me news of another marriage in her family. Congratulations to Eric Andre Løvmo and Carina Sivertsen who were married on Aug 4, 2018 in Norway.
Eric Lovmo & Carina Sivertsen Marr Eric Løvmo & Carina Sivertsen
m. 4 Aug 2018
10 Oct 2017 - Word has been received of the death of Marion Marie Banner on Oct 2, 2017. You can read her obituary HERE. Her page on our website may be accessed HERE.
Marion Banner Marion Marie (Banner) Banner
d. Oct 2, 2017
14 May 2017 - On May 9th, Elizabeth "Beau" Banner passed away in Syracuse, NY. She lived and played life to its fullest. What I will always recall about her is her laugh - always hearty and out loud. You can read her obituary HERE. Her page on our website may be accessed HERE.
Beau Banner Elizabeth "Beau" Banner
d. May 9, 2017
15 Feb 2016 - Joan called to tell me of the death of Karen (Banner) Gallagher on Feb 13, 2016. I have received an obituary from her daughter, Karen, and have posted it HERE. Her page on our website may be accessed HERE.
Karen (Banner) Gallagher Karen (Banner) Gallagher
d. Feb 13, 2016
28 Jan 2016 - Another sad death to report today, as I ran across the obituary of Pearl M. Currie on Dec. 22, 2015. I remember her and her brother, Dick coming to the Banner reunions when we had them annually. Her brief obituary can be read HERE.
Pearl (Allen) Currie, 1930s Pearl M. (Allen) Currie
25 Jan 2016 - Word has come of the death of Ray Banner. Condolences to his family. I have a brief obituary from The Cortland Standard which can be viewed HERE.
Raymond O. Banner, Summer 2007 Raymond O. Banner

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    Fred & Berte (Banner) Olsen Family (2014):

Fred & Berte (Banner) Olsen family


    David & Jackie (Banner) Brown Family (July 2014):

David & Jackie Brown family, July 2014


    Ole & Paula (Banner) Gustafson Family (July 2014):

Ole & Paula Gustafson family, July 2014


    Descendants of Adelbert Banner & Lottie Ainsworth (Summer 2010):

Reunion Pic 1


    Descendants of Samuel Townsend Banner & Anna Alvira Ainsworth (Summer 2010):

Reunion Pic 2



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